Bachelor in Accounting


Becoming an Independent Study Program and Excellence in the field of accounting based on Information Communication Technology (ICT )


Higher education , research and community service quality in the field of ICT -based accounting and entrepreneurial

Program Educational Objectives
  • Produce graduates who are professional and have high integrity and fear of God Almighty
  • Produce graduates who have the knowledge and skills of ICT-based accounting
  • Produce graduates who are entrepreneurial and have the ability to compete in the areas of accounting, particularly management accounting and auditing
  • Produce research or scientific work of quality in the field of accounting and other disciplines relevant to accounting
  • Carry out community service relevant to the field of accounting, so as to raise public awareness about the field


Program Outcomes

The result of competence in accounting study program is capable to preparing the financial statements of commercial enterprises and the public sector (government organizations and NGOs).

  1. Management Accounting

The result of competence from concentration of management accounting is the ability to provide information management accounting, accounting information system based on ICT and capable of implementing management control systems and be able to take advantage of market opportunities in services management accounting and accounting information systems. Concentration cumulative study load as much as 151 credits Management Accounting.

      2. Auditing

The result of competence from concentration of auditing capacity for financial audit, operational audit and audit information system and be able to take advantage of market opportunities in the field of audit services. Concentration cumulative study load as many as 152 credits Accounting Management .