Bamboo and Wood Coconut Turned Into Coffee Table, FIK Student Became Favorites in Bravacasa Design Challenge Competition 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U - Students of Interior Design (DI) class of 2011 Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK), Rangga Panji Sangkala be a favorite winner in the design competition Bravacasa Design Challenge Competition 2015. The competition took place at The Ritz Carlton Jakarta 9-12 July 2015.

"In this competition I created a coffee table made of material woven bamboo and coconut wood," said Rangga, Monday (27/7). Coffee Table design was unique, looks like a regular carts borne by tahu gejrot seller. "Therefore I named my work as Bakul Coffee Table. Bakul short for ‘Gerobak Bakul’, "added Rangga.

In designing this Coffee Table, Rangga inspired by archipelago traditional artifacts such as farmers' hats and baskets. So the design emphasized on the application of bamboo in furniture that form two cones. Two cone has different diameter from each other. So the shape looks dynamic and unique.

"In addition to bamboo, I also chose coconut wood material. Coconut wood is fairly sturdy and has a unique fiber that adds to the aesthetic impression of the furniture, "he said. Moreover, according to Rangga woven bamboo and coconut wood is a material that characterizes the typical Indonesia. Bamboo were often used in traditional Indonesian architecture while reflecting coconut wood Indonesia as a maritime country.

Because the typical material, Bakul Coffee Table grip visitor’s attention at Bravacasa Design Challenge Competition 2015 and chose it as favorite furniture. "The material itself is very easy to find in Indonesia. But for Bakul Coffee Table I took the coconut wood special from Lampung, "he said.

Changing coconut wood into a table is certainly not easy. This typically wood has a small diameter. While a normal field for table needs diameter of 80 cm. "The top table itself consists of several coconut wood which is glued using two-component glue. As for the construction, the table used Purus connection technique, "said Rangga.
Bravacasa Design Challenge Competition 2015 is not the end of the story of Bakul Coffee Table. The plan, Rangga want to refine a better design and try to display in the exhibition of furniture design on national and international scale.

"I hope Bakul Coffee Table design can inspire Indonesian designers and show that the country is rich in natural materials that can be applied into furniture," he said. (Purel / Risca)

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