Bonanza Team Tel-U Wins Prize in ERM Challenges in 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Bonanza Team of Telkom University (Tel-U) won the prize in ERM Challenges 2015. ERM Challenges 2015 is a business simulation competition on international scale processes. The final round held in SIM Singapore University on last 9 May. This event was a cooperation between PCC Telkom, Monsoon and SAP Asia Pacific.

Student of Information System Telkom University (Tel-U), Puspita Ayu Kartika, very grateful for the victory. "I understand more about the business processes through ERP application Monsoon sim. Besides user friendly, ERP applications Monsoon sim much more real and easier to learn, "said Puspita.

At the competition, Telkom PCC support a total prize worth 10 million dollars for the winner of a play-off ERM Challenges, 2015. For the winners of play-off between the campuses in Bandung, Telkom PCC gives out prizes in cash Rp 7,500,000 for the first winner of "Bonanza Team "and Rp 2,500,000 for the second winner of" Tim Motekar "from Pasundan University. The prize carried out by the Director of PCC Amelia Katrin Telkom in TPCC campus, Tuesday (16/5).

In line with Puspita, Lutfi, students of Pasundan University grateful to be able to get the opportunity to attend an interview with SAP SEA (South East Asia). "The interview was to find some candidates for the new SAP project. Project related to the field of Business Development Activities with a duration of 6 months. It was an excellent opportunity for students, "said Lutfi.

ERM Challenge 2015 attracted more than 500 students from 20 universities across Southeast Asia to compete in the play-off rounds from January to April. This competition specifically for students who want to understand the concept of business process ERP Simulation Games. "Game of business processes can be played in one game 10-50 people and can be divided again into groups of 2-10 people," said, "said Public Relations Telkom PCC, Selly marthiany, Thursday (18/6).

Each group plays a virtual company. The group has a large profit, he was the winner. In this game the participants can learn the basics of financials, logistics, manufacturing, business intelligence, maintenance, warehousing, transportation and much more. (Purel / risca / selly)

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