Hijab Today Application Leads FRI Students Became First Winner on D’Expo 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U - Now hijab became a fashion trend and public interest, especially Muslim Indonesia. That's inspired three university students of Telkom University Faculty of Engineering Industry (FRI Tel-U) to create the concept of Hijab Today application. They are students of Industrial Engineering class of 2012, Astri Desiana and Zulfi Atika Dewi, and one students of Industrial Engineering class of 2011 Ahmad Rusvito Udaya.

"The concept of Hijab Today we describe in scientific papers that are contested on Digital Exclusive Competition D'Expo 2015 which took place at University of Bunda Mulia Jakarta on May. From this competition we won first prize, "said Astri, Tuesday (30/6).

She added, Hijab Today is an application that can be accessed on Android and iOS. Hijab Today combines e-commerce and trading forum that is accessible to the public. Hijab Today application allows users to upload photos of fashion products, provide product information and communicate with potential buyers.

"We are optimistic, Hijab Today may very well accepted by the market. Given that Indonesia has a huge Muslim population. Based on the survey as much as 71% of Digital Landscape Indonesian women use the internet to search for information fashion, "Astri said.

According to Astri, on the next plan, her team will make improvements to enhance the concept of Hijab Today application and then expand it. (Purel / risca)

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