Utilizing Existing Equipment, Badaya Team Won 3 Indonesian Art Robot Contest

BANDUNG, TEL-U - Making the robot does not always cost a lot. Just by utilized the existing equipment in the laboratory, Tim Badaya Telkom University (Tel-U) successfully create a splendid robot. It could even won 3 place in Indonesian Art Robot Contest (KRSI) 2015 which took place in Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University (in St. Louis) on 11-14 June.

"In making the Badaya robot, we utilized existing equipment in the lab. Polished by maximum programming algorithms. Baday robot doesnn’t cost a lots but not less sophisticated robots like an expensive one, "said Aris Pujud Kurniawan, a student of Computer Engineering D3 FIT Tel-U.

"We made a robot that could dance like a human. Our robot can perform the dance moves along follow to the music, "he added. Besides Aris, other Badaya team that two students D3 FIT Computer Engineering Tel-U Lathif Ritya Gibran Muhammad Dwi Putra and Toto. As well as students of D3 Telecommunication Engineering Tel-U FIT Abid Muhammad Irwan.

This year, KRSI take Bambangan Cakil dance as the theme. In this competition, the team made two robot that can perform Bambangan Cakil dance. The first robot acts as Arjuna and a second robot acts as Cakil (Giant). Both of them is also completed with dancer make up.

"Robots that we create can dance like a human. During the contest, the robot automatically dancing while listening to music Bambangan Cakil. Robot stop dancing when the music stops. At this dance Arjuna as the protagonist and the Cakil as an antagonist, "said Latif.

According Lathief, Badaya robot using two different systems to a single robot. These differences drive system lies in the hands and feet of the robot. Then the robot is equipped with a wireless robot to be able to communicate while dancing. So the dance is shown to be in accordance with the rhythm.

"Badaya robot include wireless communication with the robot so that both robots are able to synchronize each other. In addition, there is a sound sensor so that the robot can move when they listen the music, "said Gibran.

Compared with robots from other teams, Badaya robot have the lightest weight. According to Gibran, the robot consists of lightweight components. By doing so, Badaya robot not easy to fall because of its weight.

This team is under the guidance of their lecturer, Simon Siregar S.Si., M. In the Indonesian Robot Contest this year, Tel-U showed 4 best robots. Namely Badaya robot on KRSI category, Roobics on KRAI category, Azkaizan 4wd for Wheeled KRPAI category and Arjuna in the category KRPAI legged.

"We are grateful for the achievements that have been obtained. But do not feel satisfied because the target is captured First Prize of the 4th category that followed the Indonesian Robot Contest this time, "said Gibran.

The team are aware, this is not easy. However, "We will work even harder in order to get the first prize in the contest next year because we unyielding to offer the best for this campus," said Gibran. (Purel / risca)

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