Bachelor of Interior Design

The only constant in our world is change, and this is most apparent in the field of design.  Technology, marketplaces, context and users are constantly evolving. Sitting on the intersection of these parameters, Interior Design Study Program has to adapt to address this opportunities and needs. The Tel-U Interior Design Study Program course has changed remarkably since its inception, constantly realigning the programme to equip students with the skill and thinking processes relevant to the creative industry.

Our course has also been in the forefront inexploring digital as a tool for design.The programme help students develop a good understanding of interior design, history of design, light construction technology and interior design practice to contribute to the improvementof the built environment.

Emphasis is placed on the relationship between the poetics of space, the application of light structure and technology and the position of interior design in social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. On behalf of the Study Program, I would like to thank you to the faculty and staff for the support and guidance given to our Study Program, here at Telkom University”

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