Bachelor of Intermedia Fine Art

Assalamuaalaykum, Warahmatullahi, Wabarakatuh..

Let us introduce ourselves first, We are Bachelor of Fine Art Program of Telkom University Bandung, Indonesia. The pioneer Fine Art study program in a private institution in Indonesia. The Fine Art program was established in the year 1996, when our institution status is still a College (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Rupa Indonesia), now we have transformed to be a member of Telkom University, located in Bandung, Indonesia.

Our Patron is Telkom Indonesia, The biggest state owned company in Indonesia. Telkom University, is the part of Corporate Social Responsibility of PT. Telkom Indonesia, through its established Foundation, Telkom Education Foundation, which was established in 1990.

Currently in our Study Program, we offers the students Fine Arts majors in Painting, Sculpture, Intermedia Art and Photography. Telkom University (indonesia: Universitas Telkom), were only established in 2013 (as a merger of several institution under the Telkom Education Foundation), so we are only in our third year, whereas the Fine Art study program was established in 1996 under College of Art and Design (see above).

In the study program we have 131 currently active students from different majors, mainly in Painting. Whereas for the University itself currently we hold around 27.000 active students, in different majors, mainly in Technological and Business area. Our Campus located in area of 51 Hectare in southern part of Bandung.

We looking forward to strengthen our Fine Art Program, and we see that through collaboration, we would achieve the strength we aimed. And through collaboration we could open new opportunities.

We look forward to meet you at our Campus.

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