Identity and Regulation


Our Logo

Emblem of Telkom University consist of a logogram “open book on top of the shield” that unity form the letter “T” at the top of letter “U” and “Telkom University”. Meaning of the basic form “open book on top of the shield” on the emblem Telkom University:

  1. The basic form of Tel-U logo is a solid shield representing the tough institution and have a high fighting spirit, with the T initial from 'Telkom' signifies the characteristics/identity and pride to develop and grow together.

  2. Basic shield in the form of U letter of 'University' as the fundamental concept of educational community and high-level research.

  3. The main form at the top of the shield is an 'open book' symbolizes the openness of mind and imagination, ready to develop new innovations and scientific guidance in the globalized world.

Our Mars

video's created by Rizal Kus Apriandi (in memoriam) , our Dear friend from Interior Design 2012



  • Professionalism

  • Recognition of achievement

  • Integrity

  • Mutual respect

  • Entrepreneurship


please download our latest regulation here.