S1 Informatics

To be a course program that produces world-class undergraduates and research in the field of informatics    

  1. Organize and develop a world-class education  
  2. Conduct research, develop and disseminate the results of research in the field of Systems Intelligence, especially Software and Data Engineering, Information Systems, Computation and Telematics to meet the needs of society and industry. 
  3. Grow sustainable national and international partnerships with various stakeholders (industry, government, educational institutions, research institutions, and communities) in order to carry out community service

Achieving stakeholders' confidence through reputation of world-class course program in terms of:

  1. Producing graduates who have integrity, competence, with national and international competitiveness.

  2. Contributing scientific works at the international level.

  3. Increasing partnerships in research fields and community services in line with the goals of national development.

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