Telkom Economy and Business School

Before becoming Faculty of Economics and Business or Telkom Economics and Business School (TEBS), Institut Manajemen Telkom (IM Telkom) was founded in 1990 with the name MBA-Bandung. MBA-Bandung was changed into Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Bandung (STMB) in 1994 and Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Bisnis Telkom (STMB Telkom) in 2004 before it was finally transformed into Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom) in 2008. The first campus of MBA Bandung was in Building H & I at Kompleks Pusdiklat Telkom located on Gegerkalong Hilir 47 Bandung.

MBA-Bandung was the pioneer of the first Master Program in Business Administration in West Java, preceding similar programs which were then organized by other universities in Bandung. At the beginning of its establishment, MBA-Bandung fully adopted the schooling system of Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Philippines, which at that time was known as Harvard Business School Asia.  When MBA Bandung was established, Professors from AIM taught and guided the organizing of MBA-Bandung until the Year of 1995.  Under this circumstance, MBA Bandung was successfully listed as the top 7 business school based on SWA magazine, along with IPPM, IPMI, Prasetya Mulya, UI, and ITB by the Year of 1992.

In responding the government regulation concerning the implementation control of MBA program in Indonesia, in 1994, MBA-Bandung transformed its organization into a college or school named Bandung School of Management (STMB). With that status, STMB transformed its MBA program into Master of Management (MM). Furthermore, STMB also varied its master of management programs into Regular MM, Executive MM, and Cooperative Education MM. MM of STMB was accredited A (excellent) by the government of Indonesia.   

Since there was a demand in government regulation that college did not just organize graduate program, along with the wish of Board of PT Telkom Directors (chaired by AA Nasution at that time) for STMB to give more contribution in higher education, in 1997 STMB opened its undergraduate program (S-1/Sarjana). The study program opened in STMB at that time was undergraduate program of Informatics and Telecommunication Business Management (MBTI). The public interest of this study program has been increasing and the fact that many industries wished to hire STMB alumi was quite high. S-1 MBTI STMB was accredited A by government in 2002.

To present stronger identity in business management of telecommunication, in 2004, STMB changed its name into Telkom School of Business Management. This change was followed by the availability of new building for S-1 MBTI new admissions to meet the market demand. Moreover, the graduate program also expands its program to Telecommunication Business MM (MM Biztel). 

The strong existence of STMB Telkom has encouraged the transformation of STMB Telkom into Institut Manajemen Telkom (IM Telkom) in 2008. This transformation was characterized by the addition of study programs in IM Telkom. New study programs that have been offered since 2008 are S-1 Communication Science, S-1 Visual Communication Design, S-1 Accounting, S-1 Commercial Administration, and D-3 Marketing. This transformation was then followed by the establishment of campus facility, which in the beginning the campus was located only at Telkom Learning Center Complex on Jalan Gegerkalong Hilir, but now IM Telkom has two new campuses: one is on Setiabudi and the other is on Dayeuh Kolot.


Become excellent higher education institution in Convergent Management and Business field in Asia in 2021.

  1. Preparing students to be the future leaders of Asia.
  2. Developing world-class knowledge enterprise institution.
  3. Giving determinant contribution for nation independence in global competition.
  1. Produce professional, highly integrated, and entrepreneurial graduates.
  2. Have program studies with accredition of “A” by BAN-PT and receive international accreditation.
  3. Have research center for convergent management and business for all business levels (cooperatives and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises) and being acknowledged in Asia.
  4. Have market share in convergent management and business consultation which keeps increasing both nationally and regionally in Asia.
  5. Have accredited IM Telkom journals.


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