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Before Mudik, Do not forget to Check These Things!

BANDUNG, TEL-U - Eid holiday has arrived. Start the day Wednesday, July 15 until July 24, 2015, the entire Civitas Academica Telkom University was able to leave the routine for a moment to feel the holidays with the loved ones. Most of people back to their hometown to meet parents or relatives.

But before leaving the campus or the workplace, it is worth checking out some important things to avoid unwanted incidents. Especially measures to anticipate against theft, fire and other harmful things.

A team of logistics Tel-U remind all Tel-U staffs to be alert and to check before leaving the office. Some things to consider include:

First, turn off all electronic equipment from the power source. In addition to saving electricity consumption, this action is of course to prevent fire caused by electric current continuously.

Secondly, make sure all windows and doors have been locked. Although there are security officers, does not mean the room can be left without locked.

Third, leave the room in pristine condition, particularly from leftovers. Because the rooms were dirty can invite a number of animals including mice.

And of course do not forget to turn off the water faucet correctly.

Hopefully these measures will prevent unexpected events. Happy holidays, and happy Eid with the family at home! (Purel / raf)

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