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Increase the Graduate Absorption, Telkom University Organized Career Days

Bandung, Telkom University - Career Development Center (CDC) or known as Tel-U Career is a unit which provides maximum services especially for graduates and stakeholders. One of the annual activities is Career Days, as it took place on Wednesday, 8-9 November 2017.

Career Days this period is the 12th after almost 3 years Tel-U Career annually held this event to provide opportunities for Telkom University graduates and other campuses who are seeking for dream job.

At the inauguration of this 12th Career Days, was also present Vice Rector 3 Telkom University, Dr. Dida Damajanti, ST., M.Eng.Sc. In his speech he gave a great appreciation for the participating industry to enliven the event. In addition, advices from the recent need of Industry world are expected.

"The purpose of this event is none other than to improve the uptake of graduates, especially the campus of Telkom University. Thanks to the participating industry, we hope to have input from colleagues about the needed graduates. Hopefully the event can continue in the future. "

Telkom University graduates currently have an average waiting time of 2.5 months, activities such as Career Days which organize three times in one year is expected to shorten this waiting time.

Some of the companies which are attended the event included; PT. Adicipta Invasion Technology, PT Ebdesk Teknologi, Asuransi Astra,, Paragon Technology and Innovation, Humanomy Solutions Infomedia, Triputra Group, FIF Group, Anabatics Technologies, Alfamart Digital Business, Bank Danamon Indonesia, FDS Group, Maxima Inovative Engineering, Streamwork Reka Solution, Surya Madistrindo.

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