Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya

The President of Telkom University.

Telkom University (abbreviated as TEL-U) – is a modern private university leading in information and communication technology. Telkom University is owned by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk, which is the biggest telecommunication corporate belonging to Indonesia Government.

We commit “Not Only Educating People But Also Creating Future Leaders”. Currently, Telkom University is the house for 30,000 students studying in the field of engineering, management, communication, and creative industry. We offer 31 programs under 7 faculties for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Telkom University also involves in the development of digital society and business ecosystem. Research centers available in Telkom University include:

  1. ICT Public Policy
  2. Digital Business Ecosystem
  3. Advanced Wireless Technology (AdWiTech)
  4. Center for Internet of Things

In addition, the Innovation Center, namely Bandung Techno Park, focuses on startup company, business incubation, and technology solutions in the area of ICT.

Vision, Mission, and Objectives of Telkom University


To be a research and entrepreneurial university in 2023, which actively involves the development of technology, science and art with information technology-based


  1. To Organize and develop international standardized education with  information technology-based.
  2. To Develop, disseminate and apply internationally recognized technology, science and art.
  3. To Utilize technology, science and art for the welfare and advancement of nation’s civilization through the development of entrepreneurial competencies.


  1. Achieving the trust of all stakeholders.
  2. Producing graduates who have global competitiveness.
  3. Creating multidisciplinary research culture and international standard cross-cultural academic atmosphere
  4. Producing innovative products that are useful in improving people’s quality of life and supporting national economic development through the development of entrepreneurial culture


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