07 May 2018

Long Waiting Line in Telkom University’s Booth in Dago Car Free Day Event.

Bandung, Telkom University – As a committee, Telkom University’s Chief Secretary and Public Relation staff since Saturday afternoon (5/5) have been preparing various equipment to be displayed in Dago Car Free Day on Sunday (5/6). The Car Free Day is initiated by the Research, Technology and Higher Education Ministry (Kemenristekdikti) as a way to commemorate the National Education Day (Hardiknas).

On Sunday morning, 05:30 AM to be exact, all of the committee member together with several students assisted by K-Lite and Zora were ready to decorate the booth located right in front of Cheap Outlet in Jl. Ir. Juanda. Several X-Banners that showcase information regarding registration for undergraduate and post-graduate degree of Telkom University had been set. Not only that, several students consisted of two teams prepared their work to attract visitors. One team showcase an application to check blood sugar and hemoglobin based on called Glucoby and HBey application.  While the other team was ready to demonstrate their Racing Drone and Lifting Drone for the purposes of disaster relief. All of which is created purely by Telkom University students. Car Free Day visiters crowded Telkom University’s booth from 06:30-09:30 AM, creating a very long waiting line, all of them cared for their personal health and wanted to know the level of blood sugar as well as hemoglobin in their body. For the purpose, Telkom University students smartly provided such service.

Several visitors were also enthusiastic to see Telkom University’s Racing Drone. The drone is small with about 5×5 cm in size to the point where it becomes quite the attraction when it raced about in the crowd of the event. The drone utilizes remote control and special glasses (VR) as the control. Therefore the pilot did not have to see the drone directly, he can see through a monitor.


Telkom University sejak 06:30 – 09:30 terus dipadati pengunjung Car Free Day Dago. Antrian pun sampai mengular, semuanya peduli akan kesehatan dirinya pribadi dan ingin mengetahui kadar gula darah serta hemoglobin di tubuhnya. Untuk itu, mahasiswa Telkom University secara cerdas memenuhi kebutuhan tersebut.

Beberapa pengunjung tidak kalah antusias ingin melihat aksi Racing Drone milik Telkom University. Ukuran Drone ini begitu kecil, dimensinya 5×5 cm saja. Sehingga sempat menjadi perhatian pengunjung saat meliuk-liuk di keramaian CFD. Menggunakan remote control dan kacamata khusus (VR) sebagai kontrolnya. Jadi pilot tidak perlu melihat drone secara langsung, cukup melihat ke monitor saja.