15 May 2018

Three Telkom University Faculty Toward ASIC Accreditation

Bandung, Telkom University – Many achievements has been accomplished by Telkom University over the last 5 years, such as BAN-PT A accreditation, ISO 20000, Tesca Smart Campus Award, Abest21, Best School of Management and Visual and many more. Aiming to achieve more, this southern Bandung university underwent accreditation process of  ASIC (Accreditation for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities) based in UK.

ASIC accreditation helps accredited institution to be able to apply sustainable quality assurance system, develop a comprehensive internal audit system, build stategic partnership all over the world, develop ethical marketing strategy, gain international acknowledgement, and conduct a beneficial partnership in the professional education sector all over the world.

The party who directly assessed Telkom University today are Lee Hammond who is the CEO of ASIC and Dr. Oesman Suleman as the assessor.

Series of Activities were done like visiting Telkom University facilities such as Auditorium, Parking Systems, Green House, Student Mart, Business Center, Student Center, Clinic, Dormitory, Telkom University Convention Hall, Open Library, and Bandung Techno Park.

Accreditation process was conducted on the 5th floor of Bangkit building, attended by every related unit in Telkom University. Almost every aspect was discussed in this meeting, from Academic, Information System, Scholarship, Student Exchange, and others. The plan was to have three faculties that will be accredited which are Business Communication Faculty, Business Economy Faculty, and Creative Industry Faculty.

Every party involved expect a good result from this accreditation process. One more achievement gained by Telkom University. One step closer of having the university with student body of around 27000 to reach a world class quality.