As an educational institution, Telkom University is obliged to carry out the Tri Dharma College, including of whom are community service. Unlike the teaching and research activities are generally carried out routinely by organized, community service activities are made spontaneously and incidental. Whereas it should, community service activities carefully planned and is accumulated and implementation of the outcome dharma education and research that has been organized well.

Motivated by the location being in South Bandung area, Telkom University has a moral responsibility to participate in the development of the surrounding area. Be aware that the progress of a region stems from tertatabaik village environment and have the potential to be developed.

Talking about the potential of the village, a lot of potential in the Bandung District and West Bandung regency that has not been well publicized. This is due to officials and villagers still do not have a media official publication.

Telkom University in collaboration with the Government of Bandung regency and West Bandung District Government intends to initiate community service activities such as the implementation of Digital Village in those areas. Implementation of Digital Village is expected to assist the village in publicizing the profile and potential of their village and assist government officials in the district to collect data on the profile and potential of an integrated village and in a uniform format. This is in line with the instructions of the Minister of the Interior No. 12 of 2007 which states that every village in Indonesia must have a profile that is well maintained villages and using the same format

The purpose of this activity are:

  1. Increasing awareness and implementation of information and communication technologies in the community and village officials in the district of Bandung and West Bandung regency,
  2. Providing official portal as media publications and the data profile and potential of the village in the district of Bandung and West Bandung regency,
  3. Making the official portal as a digital village pilot implementation in other regions

Outcomes to be achieved from implementation of the Digital Village this form:

  1. Aggregator of websites all villages
  2. Information System Portal profile search and rural potential in the form of Wikivillage
  3. Assistance Activities IT and non IT (empowerment) by faculty and students in each village.

Outcomes of this program is expected to have an impact on increasing awareness and potential of ICTs at the community and village officials, village communities increased productivity, increased academic attention to the rural community groups, as well as increased development activities of science, technology and culture in college.

This activity benefits primarily is to provide a portal of information systems as media publications and data collection and potential profiles villages in the County Government of Bandung and Bandung West. With the portal is expected to help the community and village officials in introducing the potential of their villages as a way to improve the community economy.

Broadly speaking, the system architecture to be built are described in the following figure:

Digital system of village to be built and developed for Regency Bandung and West Bandung regency with an integrated system and can be accessed online by all the villages. Each village will be given an account to be able to access and perform management on the profile data and the potential for their respective villages. Digital systems village will be formed in a digital village portal that can be accessed by the public and provide information about the actual statistics and village profile, content and information about the village, wikivillage and services provided by the village.