18 Jan 2019

Dr. Warih Maharani: Opinion Summarization System Makes It Easy for Internet Users in Decision Making

Lecturer of Faculty of Informatics, Dr. Warih Maharani, ST., MT. successfully earned a doctorate degree in Informatics which took place on Thursday, (10/1/19) at the ANNEX Building, CCAR Bandung Institute of Technology. Warih Maharani earned a doctorate degree with a dissertation entitled “Extraction, Categorization, and Aspect Based Opinion Summarization”.

According to her, this research aimed to develop an aspect-based opinion summarization system, which covered 3 main contributions, namely: (1) method development of aspect extraction and sentiment; (2) method development of distributed semantic-based aspect categorization; (3) method development of opinion summary generation, which includes: aspect-based rating calculation method, rating visualization, and contribution to rating system criteria modeling.

Warih continued the research roadmap in the field of sentiment analysis, which began in 2011 by following DIKTI’s research grant schemes. Seeing the increasingly rapid development of the internet, everyone can freely express opinions / reviews on the internet. But according to her, we cannot read all the reviews on the internet. Therefore an opinion summarization system is needed that can make it easier for users to read and understand the overall review.

So far, there have been 5 scientific papers that have been presented in seminars at the IEEE international conference and indexed by Scopus, 1 of the research results research has been published in international journals indexed Scopus Q3, and three papers are currently in the process of review in three Scopus Q2 indexed journals, IEEE Intelligence System journal, Elsevier Electronic Commerce Research and Applications journal, and Computational Intelligence journal.

The method developed in this dissertation can be adapted to Indonesian so that it can be useful for Indonesian language user reviews. Warih hopes that with this aspect-based summarization system, it can provide more convenience, both for consumers and industry to understand all existing reviews, so that they can assist in decision making.

“The Institution has provided support in the form of facilities and infrastructure to support the research conducted, including access to reputable and indexed scopus journals, as well as lab facilities. Other forms of support that have been given and may be developed in the future are in the form of journal writing workshops to further support publications in reputable journals (minimum Q2). “