31 Aug 2020

2020 FAST Olympics Summit Event

Commemorating the 75th Indonesian Independence Day and the 17th Anniversary of Telkom University, the Telkom University Alumni Forum (FAST) organized the 2020 FAST Olympics. The video Creation Competition which was held on August 14-30, 2020. The highlight of the Olympics was held online via Zoom on Sunday (30/08).

The celebration of the 2020 FAST Olympics Peak event was held as a medium of communication between alumni, students, lecturers, and Telkom University employees. This sports and arts event was initiated by FAST-14 with one of the goals of raising donations for Telkom University students affected by Covid-19 so that they can continue their studies again.

President of FAST, Ahmad Nugraha Rahmat said that this activity was positive during this pandemic. Even though this event was held virtually, it did not reduce the enthusiasm of the participants to excel, especially in sports and arts.

“Hopefully we can continue to maintain our solidarity, increase the best contribution to campus, and share. This can be a role model for other campuses and thanks to the class of ’95 colleagues who organized this event, “he said.

Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as the Rector of Telkom University said that according to the big theme raised by Telkom University on its 7th anniversary, Telkom University will continue to contribute to the nation by producing useful innovations for the surrounding community.

“Like the best private university in Indonesia, it is our duty as higher education to produce the best innovation for the nation and produce superior human resources for a golden Indonesia in 2045. This is our commitment to contribute to this nation, increase the nation’s competitiveness towards an advanced Indonesia.” He said.

Prof. Adiwijaya also added that Telkom University has come a long way from STT Telkom and MBA Bandung, the merger of four Telkom educational institutions until now to become Telkom University. Telkom University was built with full of hard work and a spirit of togetherness.

“The achievements that have been achieved are the contributions of all academicians, all alumni, all stakeholders of Telkom University. This is a mandate that we must maintain the quality of the education we manage. Telkom University has reached its current achievements, one of which is because it has alumni who continue to contribute to the nation to create a superior generation, “he said.

The total number of applicants who participated in the 2020 FAST Olympics was 554 people, consisting of 525 alumni, 14 students, and 15 lecturers/employees. Donations collected at this event amounted to IDR 400,000,000.00. The donation was officially handed over by Atria Budi Cahyono to Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya. It is hoped that this donation can be useful for students who are affected by Covid-19.

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