25 Jun 2015

# 21Hulu17Hilir: From Harmoney Up Nyi Anteh

BANDUNG, TEL-U – # 21Hulu17Hilir exhibit 17 works from students of Visual Communication Design (DKV) Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK) Telkom University (Tel-U). The exhibition took place in the hall of Sebatik building (FIK), Monday (15/6).

According to the coach lecturer DKV FIK Tel-U, Teddy Hendiawan, S.Ds., M.Sn, the work was the result of final project presented by 21 DKV students on Multimedia specialization. The work includes films, animation, games, and multimedia.

Several works in the exhibition # 21Hulu17Hilir took Indonesian theme. Among these documentary film “Harmoney” and animated characters “Nyi Anteh”.

“The documentary Harmoney reveals land conversion paddies to property in Subak, Bali. This film also told how farmers in Subak defend their land, “said Imade Wahyu Sastra Adi, a student of DKV and also the director of Harmoney. For him, the role of director was very important in the process of film production. Starting from the research phase of a location, and perform treatment and filming movies. He also had to oversee the process of filmmaking from the beginning to the editing of the film.

Students DKV Tel-U, Dimas Eggi created 3D character animation Nyi Anteh at this exhibition. He was inspired by the fairy tale Nyi Anteh Watcher Moon. Then he began to create the concept art and a more modern character. After that Dimas makes designing three dimensions ranging from modeling, texturing, skinning, rigging and animation.

“Through Nyi Anteh character, I would like to introduce Sunda folklore to children. Fairy tales are now beginning to be forgotten by the children. Therefore, its need interesting media to preserve folklore Nyi Anteh for example with 3D animation, “said Dimas.

Besides Harmoney and 3D animations Nyi Anteh, other works on display are Kerapan game Cows, Astana Arthakara animated film, 3D Character Biosa games, Islamic Meaning Behind The Mask Dance Movie, Godang Panaek games, Arah movie, Samar Movie, Javanese Gamelan Game, Dani and Comrades Game, Ajisaka interactive games, Horas Gale games, Visual Story Huh? Malware, Si Kancil 3D animation character, dr.Zoffi game characters and Manarah game. (Purel / risca)

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