17 Mar 2016

Again, Tel-U Stage Back Leader’s Talk

BANDUNG, Tel-U – After one year hibernated, Telkom University stage back the Leader’s Talk. This chance, the Leader’s Talk organized by International Class Academic Office (ICAO) Tel-U as the new unit.

Leader’s Talk is a place for Think Tank from Telkom University, where the event fulfilled by inviting Leaders, CEOs, policy makers and economist to discuss and become an inspiration for academic community of Tel-U and the society, both local and international.

This time, Leader’s Talk presented CEO of Pixel Indonesia and also the ambassador of Intel Indonesia, Nancy Margried with theme “Transforming Traditional Art Through Technology”. This event was held at the Auditorium Hall, Tokong Nanas Building, 8th floor, on Wednesday (16/03).

ICAO Tel-U will not only focus on academics, but we also focus in shaping the national character, the character of Tel-U students, in particularly to fully love Indonesia. “So, one important goal of this activity is to encourage them for not only learning the subject, but also learn lessons of life from successful people,” said Eka Yuliana, ST., MSM, the organizers of Leaders Talk 4.

The contents of this activity delivered in English. The purpose is to realize how important the language is, as well as Tel-U ICAO will publish video activity of Leader’s Talk on Youtube, so that everyone from other countries can access that. “We have a better product than others, but because we are constrained by the language, eventually we just be a local wisdom, “said Eka.

Nancy Margried expressed her admiration of ICAO Tel-U which initiative to continue these activities every month. “Only initiative which could make this event run. Those initiatives should be made, because I see ICAO has a mission to bring new things on education and new experiences from everywhere, “said Nancy.

Nancy also said that the event looks different from other university-level activities, because the invited speakers, not only considerate the age, title, position, but the most important is the impact that has been done in the community.

“I want that everyone who invited in Leader’s Talk would feel honored. The aspect is the audience, “said Eka. Therefore, ICAO Tel-U targeted to increase the amount of Leader’s Talk audience. (Purel / Nisa)

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