26 Aug 2021

Alumni: Anxiety Can Be Main Capital to Start a Business

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Some big companies in Indonesia and the world started with anxiety. At least the anxiety felt was related to not having enough money.

This was conveyed by Ibrahim Imaduddin Islam, alumni of S1 Management 2007, who is currently the CEO of Mavens Studio and also owns digital startups qurbanjuara and mesermang.com.  It started at the 9th Alumni Sharing Entrepreneur event organized by the Directorate of Career Development, Alumni and Endowment (CAE) Telkom University, Monday (23/8).

Ibam, as Ibrahim is familiar with, said that the anxiety he experienced when he built Mavens Studio started from the need for promotion on the internet. Where he and his team, relying on trust from friends, borrowed equipment in the form of cameras and computers to start their business.

“At that time, the internet was just being talked about, starting from YouTube, Twitter and so on, we caught the need for people to do promotions in cyberspace, but did not have the knowledge to process it, and from there we ventured to negotiate to borrow equipment from our colleagues. The rest of us, until finally, we were able to have our equipment.”

Ibam said that simple anxiety was able to create opportunities for entrepreneurship. In building qurbanjuara, Ibam explained that the uneven distribution of nutritional needs in remote parts of the archipelago became his anxiety until finally, Ibam formed a qurbanjuara startup.

“Qurbanjuara was formed because we were concerned for the nutritional needs of people in remote areas of the archipelago, where through qurbanjuara we can distribute the results of qurban to remote areas. Finally, we managed to distribute hundreds of cows to hundreds of sheep to remote areas,” he said.

Starting from anxiety until finally, an opportunity formed, where Ibam, in the current pandemic condition, was able to see opportunities to expand his entrepreneurial business. Ibam formed masermang.com, seeing community activities that had to be limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So during this pandemic, we see the fear of going to the market to shop, that is why we formed masermang.com to help people meet their daily needs by shopping at the market,” he said.

In line with Ibam, S1 Alumni. Informatics Engineering 2003, Ferdian, the Business Director of PT Motio Labs Indonesia, told his story during his time as a student and when he started his own business.

Starting from selling hawkers on buses, Ferdian started his business out of personal anxiety to earn money.

“I once sold on a bus from Bandung to Bogor, where on that trip I sold hawkers in the form of chocolate, which I got at the chocolate factory cooperative behind the campus.”

Apart from being anxious about not having enough money, Ferdian also explained that there are also people who start their business because of the amount of money they have.

“I just discussed with a super-rich businessman, he told me how the assets he currently owns generate new business, there we can see how a businessman will also continue to develop his business sector,” he said.

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