06 Feb 2015

Analysis of Transmedia Storytelling Consumer to Support Nation Branding of Indonesia

“The 1st International Conference of Integrated Intellectual Community (ICONIC 2014)”

Putri Meuthia Pratiwi MS1, Ayu Ardhillah Yuliartha2, Nadya Iriani 3, Annisa Sariutami 4,
Nur Indah Findiani 5

1Telkom Communication and Business School, Telkom University, putrimeuthiapratiwims@gmail.com
2Telkom Economic and Business School, Telkom University, ayuardhitha@gmail.com
3Telkom Economic and Business School, Telkom University, nadyairianitbs2011@gmail.com
4Telkom Economic and Business School, Telkom University, annisasariutami@yahoo.co.id
5Telkom Economic and Business School, Telkom University, Findiani68@gmail.com


Every nation needs to build its national branding in the current era of globalization. The fact shows that so far Indonesia still does not include in the top 20 of 50 countries based on Nation Branding Index 2010-2013. So, in the era of media convergence, Indonesia needs to develop more innovations and new approaches to build digital creative content industry in which one approach is through Transmedia Storytelling Strategy. This strategy represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispered systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experiences. There are many studies that focused on Transmedia Storytelling strategy through the structure and characteristics approach. However, there is lack of studies focused on Transmedia Storytelling on social and communication perspective. By using a qualitative exploratory research, this study focuses on Transmedia Storytelling through sociology and communication approaches.The result shows the map of Transmedia Storytelling consumer and also this research proves that Transmedia Storytelling Strategy can improve of nation branding through brand equity models. This is a new prespective study of Transmedia Storytelling in the Multiple media.

Keywords:Brand Equity Models, Nation Branding, Transmedia Storytelling Consumer

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