18 Nov 2013

Astacala Tel-U Successfully Hoist Indonesian Flag in Batu Lawi Peaked Mountain

BANDUNG- TEL-U- Telkom University’s Mountaineering Club, ASTACALA, successfully hoisted Indonesian flag on Batu Lawi Peaked Mountain, Malaysia. The team was the first mountaineering club that can hoist Indonesian flag there. They also hoisted Telkom University flag.
  As interviewed by the reporter in Telkom Engineering School, Arnan Tri Arminanto, Chief of Telkom University Mountaineering Club, response toward this achievement “We are very grateful to God and thank you for all people who support us to do this. We are so proud that we are the first Indonesian Team who are able to do it”.
  Batu Lawi Peaked Mountain is located in Kelabit Highland, Serawak, Malaysia. It has 150 meter or 1984 mdpl and it took 4 days for the team to track Pulong Tau National Park and climb the mountain. There are 7 Telkom University students who join this expedition,  those are; Rahmadian Ikhsanul, Ajie Tri Hutama, Fahmi Arif Maulana,  Atdriansyah, Rendy Apriando, M. Catur Syaifudin and Arnan Tri Arminanto. They were successfully accomplished the mission to hoist the flag on the peak. 
  “Alhamdulillaah. Allahu Akbar! Indonesian Flag is hoisted in the peak of the mountain through the south line!” shouted Ajie through radio communication. The history was told us that on November 25th, 2013 at 16.17 WITA, ASTACALA team was successfully reached the peak 1 hour earlier than what was predicted.
  ASTACALA Telkom University has a mission to hoist the flag as well as apply the communication technology radio between Astacala Secretary- Batu Lawi Peaked Mountain. In this mission,  Astacala cooperate with Organisasi Radio Amatir Indonesia (ORARI) and Amateur Radio Malaysia.
  With this achievement, Astacala team was the third team after Australia and Malaysia in reaching the peaked mountain. After accomplishing the event, Arnan stated that Astacala team will write a book shared a story of reaching Batu Lawi Peaked Mountain and the live of Indonesian worker in Bario Malaysia. KOMPRO TEL-U/ Amin-Risca.

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