16 Feb 2016

At Telkom University Library, We Can Chill While Read Books

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Nowadays, Nongki – an Indonesian term for hang out with friends while sipping tea or coffee – became an ordinary activity. However, not all place can afford a free coffee while reading a book. Telkom University Library might be became one of different place. Since September 2014 this library set up a facility called “Refreshment Corner”, a free café for the visitors.

Refreshment Corner is a rectangular shaped room area of ??86.4 m2 on the 4th floor in Bangkit Building Telkom University. There are five sets of a table surrounded by chairs, like a café.

At the south, there is a pantry table with two large thermos and three jars of tea bags, coffee, sugar, and several sets of coffee cup. Visitors can choose tea or coffee and do a self-service. Visitor also should store the used cups into the space provided by themselves.

Dwiki Bayu (19), a loyal visitors of Refreshment Corner admitted that his frequency to visit Library become more often after the launch of Refreshment Corner. This Informatics Engineering students even decided library as a major stopover during a break time. According to him, Refreshment Corner is very comfortable place to rest or do a work group. Dwiki even suggested that the room is expanded.

Head of the Scientific Resources and Library, Nurul Fitria said, the existence of Refreshment Corner is intended to provide a new atmosphere for library visitors. Those who feel tired to read or study, can take a break in the room, while sipping coffee or tea and talking with friends.

“Now the times have grown considerably. The character of Visitors also changed. The majority who come here are the student who was born on 1995 until 2010 era, which is actually “Gen Z”. They tend to be well versed with technology and love things whichare applicable and enjoyable. So the library service must adapt to these conditions, “she said.

Nurul also hope that Refreshment Corner can gradually change the general image of library which is synonymous with a boring place. “If the library image is good and people feel at home, then it is only a length of time to make them interested in accessing resources in the library. So, the reading interest will be arises and the knowledge will develop. “she said. (Purel / lib / raf)

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