16 Sep 2015

Bandung Mayor: Public Facilities Triggering Youth Creativity

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The build process of public facilities in Bandung city, in addition to beautify the city surface are also intended to provoke fresh ideas of young people in the Flower City.

“I am pleased with the young generation those often ‘hang out’ while doing positive and beneficial activities. Build a cozy common facilities intended for young generation to seek inspiration and embodies fresh ideas to build Bandung Techno polis, “said Mayor Bandung, Ridwan Kamil.

This statement from Bandung Mayor familiarly called Kang Emil is delivered while giving a speech at the event ID Talent Bootcamp in Telkom University North Campus, on Friday (28/8). Bandung Techno polis is a place where the youth and investors meet each other.

According to Emil, our young generation should be more confident to compete with foreign people. Because in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community or AEC, the Indonesian people should not just be spectators or consumers, but also should be a player. The player who can control the domestic market and abroad.

“So do not just be a spectator, our society, especially the young generation is encouraged to be able to produce creative ideas that can earn money. The young generation should help so that we can develop creative ideas to compete in the era of MEA, “said Emil.

Emil also wished ID Bootcamp be one event that can produce a creative entrepreneur who ble to compete in the era of the MEA. (purel / tyas / risca)

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