bangkit roadshow 2022
10 Nov 2021

Bangkit Roadshow 2022: Google Academy for World-Class Talents

Bangkit Roadshow 2022Bandung, Telkom University – Telkom University as a partner campus, again received the opportunity to participate in the Bangkit 2022 program, one of the series of Merdeka Campus programs launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. Bangkit Roadshow 2022 took place on Monday (8/11) as a catalyst for students interested in joining this program next year.

Telkom University Academic Director Dr. Achmad Rizal hopes that more Tel-U students will join this program this year to gain valuable experience from the best mentors.

“The Bangkit Program is excellent due to collaboration between the Ministry and several large technology companies such as Google, GoJek & Tokopedia, Traveloka, and others. Since last year, Tel-U has also participated in this program. The participants are around 130 students with a passing rate of 80%. “

Rizal also explained that later after completing this program, students can convert credits. Even more, gain experience collaborating with well-known technology companies.

A conversion of 20 credits will be given to students if their learning activities have problems. In addition, experience and learning with various large companies are the main benefits of participating in this program.

Bangkit’s ID Program Manager, Mutiara Arumsari, explained that the Bangkit program is an academy organized by Google to produce superior talents with the best skills for world-class technology companies and today’s startups.

“Bangkit provides a learning path in the fields of machine learning, programming, and cloud computing. Participants need to choose which of these three is most in demand,” explained Arum.

Later, the program will last for 18 weeks (February to July 2022). There are several benefits for students who join this program, among others, will get 1. Industry-standard curriculum, teaching from practitioners, career preparation, and skill proficiency; 2. Conversion up to 20 credits; 3. Successful career opportunities in leading technology companies; 4. global certification; 5. Funding for startup incubation up to 140 million.

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