08 May 2020

Become a Competent Individual in the Era of the Creative Industries

Zoom – Telkom University Center of Learning & Open Education (CeLOE) organized the 2nd episode of the High School Webinar Series on Friday (8/5). The 2nd episode of the webinar series entitled “Creative Industry: Why People Need Us?” by Lecturer of the Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK), Interior Design, namely Andreas Dwiputro Handoyo, S.T., M.T. Then how to become competent individuals in this Creative Industries era?

FIK is one of the faculties at Tel-U that focuses on developing student creativity with several majors: Bachelor (S1) in Visual Communication Design; Bachelor (S1) in Industrial Design; Bachelor (S1) in Interior Design; Bachelor (S1) in Fashion Textile Craft; Bachelor (S1) in Visual Arts; Masters in Design.

Andreas is a lecturer in Interior Design at FIK, as a Top 8 in Jayaboard National Sketch Competition. At the beginning of the webinar, he immediately emphasized that Teamwork and Networking are important in the creative industry.

“Nowadays, we are required to be able to collaborate with good colleagues with the same or even different background expertise. It is needed to create networking and extraordinary works”

Regarding passion, Andreas suggested recognizing personal interest as early as possible. Learn your interest from now on, take advantage of learning media.

“You have to start looking for passion as early as possible because specialization with a high desire can keep you excited to go through the lectures later. From now on, deepen your passion; use YouTube to learn the basics of expertise in that field. “

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