15 May 2020

Outstanding Business in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Bandung Techno Park organized a BTP Talk event with the theme of Superior Business in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era. The event invited Ahmad Yani Saefudin, as the G-Couch Master and Commissioner of PT Bigpro and Awan Rimbawan as Director of www.21clouds.com. The BTP Talk event is open to the public through the Zoom application on Tuesday (12/5).

Ahmad Yani Saefudin or commonly called Kang Aye explained the material on Mental Business in the crisis era. Mental Business in the era of crisis is crucial because several people trapped in technical matters or even end up following nowhere. The great people were born from people who have a big mentality, have a big vision, have big dreams, and eventually behave like big people and become big people. Regardless of what our business is currently like, the size of our business is like, this mentality must take precedence.

“I often assume that when we are in business, we are like a parachutist. When we skydive, we are automatically unable to change the direction of the wind but what we have to do is how we adapt to the wind. “Of course we have to do is change the wings, not change the direction of the wind,” he said.

Kang Aye also explained the four characteristics of people who have mental health when conditions like now. First, realize the self-potential. This person who understands one’s potential so that the focus will be that we focus more on increasing our potential. Second, The productivity. We can do this product in calm conditions when we can explore our potential and have a vision, mission, and goals, which is carried out daily is a productive activity. Not only productive, but we also have to do something blessing. Something that is blessing must be beneficial, encourages goodness, make us more harmonious, what we do make us pious. Third, resilience to pressure. This is important for us to have because great and successful people are not people who always win under pressure, but that person can withstand the pressure and can get back up when he falls. Fourth, namely to contribute. The characteristics of people who have mental health care that we can make the slightest contribution in any condition.

Then in the event, Awan Rimbawan provided material about Digital Marketing in the Pandemic Era. In specific digital marketing, each product produced will relate to three things, namely Earned Media, Owned Media, and Paid Media. These three things related to social media or word of mouth that we get because we create interesting content, but it can’t be owned because it’s on another platform.

“Mention, like, comment, it’s on other platforms, platforms owned by Facebook and Instagram. We need to have one media that we have that is related to websites, content, and blogs. Because it’s all we control, “he said.

Cloud also explained about Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. The use of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads depends on the product to be marketed. The range of tools used will be different so it needs to be adjusted to the needs of the businessman.

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