21 Jan 2020

BTP to become an innovation center in Indonesia

BANDUNG, Telkom University – at the top of anniversary celebration of Bandung Techno Park (BTP) 10th, BTP successfully held a Seminar & Expo (BTP SaE) and industrial gathering with the theme “Towards Sustainable Science Techno Park” which took place at building C BTP, on Monday (20/1).

As part of the campus of Telkom University, BTP which is a science Techno Park Indonesia that has the vision to become a center of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of ICT, engineering, and energy to grow the local economy. It has 3 main roles; Conducting research and development, growing and developing a spin-off technology, and growing industrial clusters or attracting industry to the region, so that the innovation ecosystem can be truly realized.

At the opening of SaE BTP event, the director of IET of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry R. Janu Suryanto said that BTP is one of the Technopark science that is managed directly by Kemenperin, and through BTP is expected to develop innovations to advance the industrial sector in Indonesia. He explained, “We hope Telkom University through BTP can continue to create innovations and solutions for this nation, so that the resulting from Telkom University and BTP can also promote Indonesia’s industrial sector.”

In this event also held the signing Of a Memorandum Of Understanding that took place between Telkom University and the Ministry of Industry that includes Tridharma College, namely teaching, research and community service.

Rector Telkom University When inaugurated this event explained that the presence of BTP is as a bridge from academics with industry, because the purpose of research undertaken by the academicians is to become an innovation that is beneficial to the community. He said, “We hope here we can continue to innovate and produce products-produkl that can be featured by the nation and have the benefits of widest for the community”.

The rector added that the cooperation between Telkom University and Kemenperin can create new atmosphere for the academic, so that it can continue to innovate.

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