04 May 2018

Developing Emergency Action Application, This Student achieved 2nd place in National Competition

Bandung, Telkom University – Two students from Industrial Engineering Faculty (FRI) achieved 2nd place in a competition held by Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta last week. The competition entitled Unity 2018 is an annual event that comprises of various national contest that every university in Indonesia can participate in.

Fachrul Hijriah Usma, Eliza Adira H., and Abdul Aziz participated in the Software Development category and managed to develop a service application named Emergency Action (EmerAct). Due to that, 2nd winner was achieved.

The competition was held in Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta on 27th-28th April, participated by every university in Indonesia, both public and private, participated in it. Aziz explained that the application that his team developed is an information review portal and emergy service locations in Jakarta with a valid data taken from the city’s Web Service  api.jakarta.go.id.

With the existence of emeract, it helps the people of Jakarta to easily find information on the nearest emergency service location using Geographic Information System, and becomes the vessel for every complaint and testimony regarding the emergency service in Jakarta.

The Emeract application was developed with a responsive web-based design. The strategy to win is the jury evaluation from the presentation of idea and creation, as well as the evaluation on doing application challenge during the final round.

“We were once overwhelmed in competing with a competitor who proposed an IoT based idea in this software development, while from category point of view the IoT has its own category,” said Aziz during an interview.

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