05 Mar 2021

Budi Setyawan: As Alumni I am Proud of Telkom University

BANDUNG, Telkom University – “It is an honor for me to be able to get an education and graduate so that I become alumni of one of the best universities in Indonesia, I know very well how the achievements that have been achieved by Telkom University and I follow how it develops “said the Director of Strategic & Portfolio Telkom Indonesia, Budi Setyawan Wijaya, as the keynote speech of Student Connect Goes to Telkom University, Thursday (4/3).

The event, which takes place online through zoom and lives on the Campus Update youtube channel, is a sharing inspiration program held by Living in Telkom together with Kampus Update and Telkom University entitled “Life After Campus” Learn, Grow, and Contribute to the Nation in Vibrant Workplace. “.

In this event, Budi Setyawan Wijaya, as the keynote speaker, is alumni of Telkom University 91 Industrial Engineering (formerly STT Telkom) and also alumni of Telkom University Management Masters (formerly STMB), sharing his story while studying at Telkom University.

“So you could say that I became alumni of Telkom University twice, and it is an honor for me because I can become a big family of Telkom University.” He said.

On this occasion, Budi said that in the Telkom Group itself there are around 4,354 Tel-U alumni, of which 3 people have become BOD (Board of Directors) of the Telkom Group, 2 people BOD Telkomsel and 25 directors of AP.

“So to fellow students who will later join the Telkom group, don’t worry, because here (Telkom Group) there will be a lot of your seniors who are also the same alma mater with you, so you won’t feel strange here.” He said.

To Tel-U students, Budi conveyed that the after-campus life that you will live later will be required to be able to innovate and continue to think creatively to generate new ideas because changes in the industrial world are currently very fast.

“Therefore, I advise all Tel-U students, prepare yourself, the skills and knowledge that you get from campus should continue to be improved, and don’t forget to grow motivation and spirit in you to continue to give the best to those around you wherever you are in the future.” He explained.

Apart from Budi Setyawan as the keynote speech, the event also took place with alumni sharing by 3 alumni of Telkom University who have taken part in the Telkom Group, including Amanda Julia Isa as Strategic Product Management and a Telecommunication Engineering Alumni, Vicky Zulfikar Junior Account Manager for Telecommunication Business Management alumni and Tel-U Informatics and Nissa Wahyuning Telkom University Telecommunication Engineering Alumni.

Rector of Telkom University Prof. In his speech, Adiwijaya expressed his gratitude to all alumni who have contributed to the nation and continue to make Telkom University proud out there.

“Thank you to the speakers who through this event want to inspire the students about how life after graduating from college at Telkom University, hopefully, the inspiration given by Mr. Budi Setyawan can inspire students and continue to prepare themselves so that they can adapt to the changes that will be. happens later. ” Said Prof. Adiwijaya.

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