13 May 2015

CEO of Metra Telkom Shared About Accounting Insight

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Accounting Studies Program Faculty of Economics & Business Telkom University (FEB Tel-U) organized public lectures, presenting the CEO of Metra Telkom, Teguh Wahyono, on the ground floor of FEB Building, Monday (4/5). On that occasion, Teguh delivered material about Accounting Role in Corporate Actions.

Teguh Wahyono shared knowledge, experience and insights he has acquired to be an accountant to students. The goal is to provide students insight not only theory but also practice in the real life.
At the end of the lecture, Teguh invited students to address MEA as an opportunity, especially for those who work as accountants to be a career abroad to take advantage of the MEA.

“This general lecture was held in order to broaden the students’ mind, and their attention in order to learn the role of accounting in the company. Because of what happened today, accounting has a role in maintain and prevent infraction within the company, “said Head of Accounting Program, Deannes Isynuwardhana. “Therefore, we need to give students insight, so that when they graduate they ready for their profession as an accountant.” (Purel / tyas / risca)

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