29 Aug 2016

Comic by FIK Lecturer Launched in POPCON Asia 2016

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Koil Comic: Dragonian Warriors by Aditia Patra, S. Ds, M.Ds lecturer of Visual Communication Design School of Creative Industries Telkom University (DKV Nikken Tel-U) was officially launched at an event Popcon Asia 2016 in Jakarta Convention Centre on 12-14 August 2016.

Conventions Event of pop culture in Asia was dedicated to celebrate and reward the professionals, artists and creators in the creative industries, with a focus on comics, games, toys, movies, and animation. It aims to encourage and support the ecosystem of creative industry, as well as being a platform for networking and collaboration among creators, brands, government, media and other stakeholders to grow the creative industries in Asia.

As an initial drafter for this comic and in charge of making the concept of the story and the visual, designing characters, create thumbnails, penciler, until the cover artist, Patra was assisted by three experts.

“In a way, I helped by Anky Prasetya on the story and Indra Nabun in the position of project manager and then on the cover, I collaborated with Arif Prianto, colorist of Stellar who are currently busy working on a variety of comics for DC (Deathstroke, Superman)” he said Saturday ( 27/8).

Took approximately 4 years to completion, Koil Comic: Dragonian Warriors recognized Petra was collaboration between the medium of comics and music where his inspiration from the Koil, industrial metal band from Bandung, which ultimately translates into the comic. The Koil personnel was redesigned then stored in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, while the Warriors Dragonian taken from their merchandise jargon, Dragonian Fashionworks.

“I observed the Koil from music, lyrics, performance, until the merchandise and all the influences that are translated into the comic” he said.

Before launching, Koil Comic: Dragonian Warriors already received a positive response from the public, because the news release of this comic in POPCON 2016 been much heard in social media such as twitter and face book since mid 2016.

“Due to the positive response to this comic, we were given the opportunity by the committee to carry out the launching exclusively on the main stage on August 12, followed by a signing session on August 13,” said Patra.

Patra added that Koil Comic: Dragonian Warriors themselves are sold out in 3 days operation POPCON ASIA 2016 “is now being entered 2nd mold because yesterday is already sold out,” he said. (Purel / aw)

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