Company Must Have an Environmental Responsibility, Not ‘Greenwashing’


BANDUNG, TEL-U – Nowadays, the spirit of the green revolution seems to be the trend of companies imaging. Tactic was intensified by various forms of promotional activities themed ‘go green’. Watch out, if the ‘go green’ was created just for the imaging and the positive impression. It may be that the company is just ‘greenwashing’ and not take real responsibility of the environment.

“In reality, the majority of consumers aware that the purchase does influence on environmental issues,” said Vice Rector for Admissions and Partnership Telkom University (Tel-U), AMA. Suyanto, Ir., MBA., DBA at the Community Service Tel-U “Green Marketing for SMEs Cimahi” for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pandiga Educreation Cimahi, Monday (11/5).

According to the AMA, at this time there has been a paradigm change in consumers. Now, consumers do not need a product that just for consuming, but regardless of how the production process until the product ready to be consumed. “Now consumers really count how the impact of a product on the environment after the product being consumed,” he said.

Therefore, companies should pay attention to it in their green marketing activities. According to the AMA, there are three basic principles that determine the success of green marketing. “Be original, educate consumers and give consumers the opportunity to participate,” said AMA.

According to the AMA, the SME sector has the closest relations with the community. Therefore, the impact of green marketing can run immediately push the green spirit in the community. “There are four R that should be emphasized in the implementation of Green Marketing namely reduce, reuse, recycle and replace,” he said. (Purel / risca / deny)

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