01 Sep 2021

Creating a Waste Decomposition Box, Tel-U Students Win 1st Place in NSIC

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University students again achieved a proud achievement at the 2021 National Student Innovation Challenge (NSIC) event. The YGI Team from the Product Design Study Program of the School of Creative Industries won 1st place in the competition.

The National Student Innovation Challenge (NSIC) is a National Product Development Competition. This competition was held in collaboration with the PPM School of Management for the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) Indonesia, and Telkom University for the Bandung Chapter of PDMA Indonesia, represented by the Industrial Engineering S1 Study Program, the Industrial Engineering Masters Study Program, the Product Design S1 Study Program and the Master Degree of Design Study Program at Telkom University.

This competition aims to provide a platform and incentives for students to encourage engagement and foster harmonious collaboration between students, academics, and industry professionals in product development.

The YGI Team consists of five students, namely Agung Afrianto, Dedewijaya, Gabriella Chrismaditya, Muhammad Fadhil, Nabilatul Fikroh, and is guided by lecturers Andrianto, S.Sn., M.Ds., and Diena Yudiarti, S.Ds., M.S.M.

Diena Yudiarti as the supervisor explained that in this competition the participants were divided into two categories, namely S1 and S2, each team explained about product innovation so that the possibility of the product could be produced and have a selling value (start-up).

“Innovative products must have significant benefits for the community and have prospects,” explained Diena.

Registration and Submission of Works in this competition will take place on April 14 – May 14, 202, then eight teams will be selected as finalists with four teams in each category, which will be announced on June 30, 2021. The Grand Final at this event will take place on August 13 – 14 2021.

Nabilatul Fikroh as a team member explained that the YGI Team made an innovative product in the form of a decomposer box using BSF maggot, with the tagline ‘Fly.co, Solution for reducing organic waste and increasing economy.’ Fly. co is a waste decomposition box that has four trays each measuring 1 X 1m. Each tray can accommodate 5 kg of maggot which can decompose 5 kg of waste, which means one Fly. co box can decompose 20 kg of waste per day or the equivalent of 7.3 tons of waste per year.

“Initially it came from a servant’s assignment, where our team members met a maggot breeder, but the cages used were still very traditional and in poor condition, then our team tried to make a solution to the problem and used it as coursework in the sustainable design course. Finally decided to join NSIC by bringing the issue of decomposition of organic waste using BSF maggot and its product, namely Fly.Co, “explained Nabila.

Nabila also explained that many processes have been carried out for the implementation of the innovation product, starting from field research in Cikadut and seeking various information from many journals so that the product is ready and then enters the prototype stage. In addition, the 1st place winner in this competition has the opportunity to submit work to the Global Student Innovation Challenge PDMA Center in the US.

“Now we are waiting for the announcement of the finalists which if our team enters the final, further briefing will be carried out from the PDMA directly. If we succeed in becoming the champion, our team will be invited to make presentations at PDMA International as representatives of Indonesia and Telkom University.”

Nabila revealed that this competition is a very interesting challenge because in the program the participants not only present their innovative products but also how these products can be marketed and benefit the community and the environment.

“We hope to help preserve the environment with the products we create, hopefully, our team can become international champions. Following the name of our team, YGI or which stands for Yuk Go International.”

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