13 Jun 2020

Creating Comfortable Counseling Interactions

ZOOM, 12 JUNE 2020

Telkom University as the best private campus in Indonesia is reflected in the academicians to improve themselves, both students and lecturers in the seven faculties in Tel-U. One of the ways is by the attitude of the Supervising Lecturer towards the student’s guidance to create conducive situations.

This zoom event held on Friday (12/6), Telkom University through the Academic Directorate organized a Webinar entitled “How to Foster Comfortable Interaction Guidance”, especially for Final Assignment Lecturers by inviting the Speaker Dr. Indun Lestari Setyono, M.Psi who is a Psychology Lecturer at Padjadjaran University.

Indun Lestari describes several problems that are often encountered in making the final project, such as the identification of problems, processing the conditions of field reality without analysis of the theory, as well as feedback from lecturers based on the theory of thought.

“The current condition of students is, they want to get quick results, and ideas generally are not based on sharp analysis, so they are not skilled enough to determine attitudes when mentoring. Things are used to being told the steps. ” Indun explained.

According to her, there are several strategies for creating conducive guidance such as determining the guidance schedule by both parties. “Lecturers and students can prepare an agreement form which is signed together, which contains the discussion of each meeting, so they already know what will be discussed later in the next meeting.”

Each lecturer needs to understand each student’s competency. Try to understand the way students thinking, so that they can adjust to solve the problems.

Those things above might be done by the supervisor to maximize the guidance time and create a harmonious relationship with the student.

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