16 Dec 2014

Creator’s Motivation will Lost without Appreciation

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The legendary singers, Bimbo, have worked for music and created hundreds of songs for decades. But, they disappointed to piracy crime were having an adverse effect on songwriter’s right. Sam Bimbo also disappointed to music industry and content business because they did not give any decent profit for songwriters. “Creator’s motivation lost without appreciation for Intellectual Property Rights,” he said on Intellectual Property Rights discussion in Telkom University, Thursday (11/12).

Sam’s case is one of copyright infringement in Indonesia. The copyright not only in music field, but also in other creative economy sectors. They are advertising, architecture, art, handcraft, design, fashion, photography and film, interactive games, show, printing and publishing, software and computer, TV and radio, research and development and culinary.

General Director of Intellectual Property Rights of Law and Human Rights Ministry, Prof. Dr Ahmad. M Ramli, SH., MH., FCBArb, was concerned about the impact of copyright crime and Intellectual Property Rights issues. “Motivation lost potentially to talent drain and brain drain,” said Ramli. He also regretted that intellectual property rights and appreciation of human creativity.

To solve this problem, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights has arranged new regulation UU number 28 year 2014. This regulation organize copyright and revise the patent laws. To support this regulation, the government has set up the National Collective Management.

“New law enable the creator to get copyright protection for his lifetime, add 70 years after the creator pass away. These laws apply the extraterritorial jurisdiction, and also support the effectiveness of Collective Management Organization,” Ramli explained. He added, the new law restrict economic rights transfer on sold flat and severe punishment to copyright crime.

Intellectual Property Right must be supported by regulation and law. The IPR expert, Cahyana Ahmadjayadi, said innovative society focus on human resources development and education system. And appreciation to Intellectual Property Rights will give an impact to Indonesia economic growth. (purel/risca)

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