06 May 2015

Crown Team Won 3rd Place in Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championship 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – A compactness of team is a key success of a cheerleading formation. This factor was also retained by Crown team when competing in Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championship 2015 in Singapore. Completely at the end Crown successfully holds 3rd place on this event.

“Cheerleading requires teamwork and neatness while perform. No less important, the team should be able to keep the extremes in showing the formation of cheers, “said one member of the Crown, Ardi Prinata, Thursday (30/4). This Interior Design Student 2012 also recognizes the force competitors’ representatives of other countries have advance ability and shows an extreme and challenging styles.

Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championship 2015 underway in D’Marquee Downtown East, Singapore on 28 March. Organized by the Association Cheer Singapore, the competition theme is “In The Spirit of Mr. Lim Kwan Yiew”. Besides Ardi, there are 3 other students from Telkom University who participate in this competition, namely Dewanda Dwi Putra (Business Administration 2012), Renaldy Hardyant (Computer Science 2014) and Kartika Kusumadewi (Visual Communication Design, 2010).

At this event, the participants are students and public around Asian countries. “Most of them have excess power. Because, in their home countries cheerleader has become an extreme sport that is recognized. So that they have full support of the government, “said Ardi.

Before incised achievements in the Merlion country, Crown ever become a first champion in the National Cheerleader Championship in Bandung, West Java. “This achievement is to be an experience that will be a triggers excessive zeal to perform well in the international arena. Mental and physical, as well as the flexibility of each player are very important. In addition, tumbling techniques and individual techniques also need to be improved, “said Ardi.

For him, every competition is full of positive things that impressed. Following Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championship teams will broaden the new techniques used by teams of cheerleaders from other countries. (Purel / risca)

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