06 Dec 2019

Cultivate the Anti-Corruption Soul through the Creation

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Commemorating the International Anti-Corruption Day which falls on December 9, Telkom University through the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) unit, once again holds an annual seminar and the peak of the 2019 Anti-Corruption Propaganda Competition with the theme “Synergy against Corruption!”

“The main purpose of organizing this series of agendas is to maintain and maintain the integrity and spirit of anti-corruption among the academic community of Telkom University, which basically emphasizes the true meaning of integrity.

This year an anti-corruption work competition was opened since November 2019, consisting of 5 categories, including Poster Competition, Photography Competition, Short Film Competition, Stand up Comedy Competition and Mini Research Competition.

At the peak of the event which took place on December 4, 2019, at the Damar Telkom University Building, Cut Irna Setiawati as the committee of this event explained that there were 566 works produced by students.

“The number of works that enter this competition is divided into a mini-research competition with the topic of the use of Village Funds, the majority of which come from Telkom University PKN class students as many as 75 works, 110 in the form of short films, as many as 289 poster works that we have received, 84 student shots. in a photography competition, and added a new competition, namely, standup comedy. “He said.

At this moment an MOU was also signed in collaboration between Telkom University and Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) in the field of Education, Research and Community Service (P3M) related to Integrity, Ethics, and Anti-Corruption.

In addition to announcing the winners of the competition at the peak of the event, there was also a presentation from the best nomination team for Mini Research and Seminar by presenting speakers, namely ICW Main Coordinator: Adnan Topan Husodo, M.A and Chairperson of the West Java Provincial Information Commission: Dan Satriana. Both discussed how young people fight corruption in the current information age. The event was closed by the appearance of the stand-up comedy winner on behalf of Arijuddin Muhammad Rahmatul Qalbi, S1 Telecommunications Engineering student, Telkom University.

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