20 May 2015

Develop ICT for National Interests

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Indonesia with enormous population, obviously need technology and adequate information. Every day, technology grows increasingly sophisticated with various features. Similarly, the common thread that is implicit in the national seminar organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FTE), Saturday (11/04).

Entitled “Next Generation Mobile Network’s Challenge Indonesia towards Digital Era “, this seminar also includes the charity activities which the ticket sales will be donated to some schools in Pasir Jambu, Ciwidey, Kabupaten Bandung. On this charity, the committee cooperate with Astacala SME Tel-U.

The speakers for this event are Dr. Ir. Ismail as the representative of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Aos Wijaya, SE., MSi as a representative of the mayor of Bandung, Ivan C. Permana as Vice President of Technology and Systems Group PT.Telkomsel, Brainstat Team Tel-U which is an International Mobile Challenge runner-up in Barcelona, and Turangga Team Tel-U which is the champion in the Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Award (APICTA) in 2014. Its also enlivened by Saung Angklung Udjo.

Dr.Ir. Ismail on his presentation notify that mobile broadband development policy objectives is to improve the quality of telecommunications and do transition from voice towards the data, equitable access to all parts of Indonesia, and increase the role of the national telecommunications industry in the changing of global business because it’s modern industry experienced a massive change, especially in the field of telco.

The seminar is expected to provide motivation for students to continue develop ICT sector and then introduce and apply it to the general public. So as they can better understand and optimize the use of information technology to support day-to-day activities.

“With the growth and development of technology and economy as it is now, in 2030, Indonesia is predicted to rank seventh in terms of economic power,” said Ivan C. Permana. (Purel / Sarah / Ramdiana)

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