29 Apr 2021

Doper, A Future Help for Doctors and Nurses

BANDUNG, Telkom University – It has been more than a year since the Covid-19 pandemic has attacked the millions of victims in the world. Several medical personnel has died due to Covid-19, at least until now, there are hundreds of medical personnel in Indonesia both doctors and nurses.

Telkom University as a concern in the field of innovation continues to strive to produce innovations that can be useful, especially in tackling the current Covid-19 pandemic problem.

After creating the Autonomous UVC Mobile Robot (AUMR), Dentist Protective (Dentpro), and other innovations in tackling Covid-19, this time Telkom University introduced its newest innovation, a Robot Doctor Representative (DOPER), which will help doctors and nurses to communicate directly with Covid-19 patients.

According to the head of the Doper research team, Azam Zamhuri Fuadi, S.ST., M.T, Doper itself was created to anticipate direct contact between patients and medical personnel.

“We created our doper, indirectly we want to protect medical personnel for direct contact with COVID-19 patients so that we can reduce the number of medical personnel exposed to COVID-19.”

Azam added that this robot can be moved manually by using the Remote Control or it can be done automatically by following a line that has been adjusted to the Doper path.

“Doper is equipped with camera sensors and an Android-based tablet that is used to communicate directly with patients. Doper also brings several medical devices in the form of blood pressure measuring devices that can be easily used by patients.” Obviously.

This innovation is the result of research collaboration between the School of Electrical Engineering (FTE), the School of Communication and Business (FKB), and the School of Creative Industries (FIK) Telkom University. Besides that, there are several startups involved under the auspices of the Bandung Techno Park (BTP).

“Now, we have provided one robot that is ready to use and there are 5 that are in the component assembly phase, in the future we will continue to make innovations that can stop this pandemic, and continue to advance innovations in Indonesia.” Azam.

And here are the names of the teams involved in making Doper:

Dr. Angga Rusdinar, S.T., M.T. (Lecturer of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering)

Dr. Irwan Purnama, M.Sc.Eng. (FTE/LIPI)

Azam Zamhuri Fuadi, S.St., M.T. (Lecturer of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering)

Hardy Adiluhung, S.Sn., M.Sn. (Lecturer of the Faculty of Creative Industries)

Firman Agung Nugroho, S.T. (FTE/Alumni)

Risnanda Satriatama, S.T. (FTE/Alumni)

Arief Hidayat (FTE Student)

Ravindra Ditama (FTE Student)

Achmad Riyadi (FTE Student)

Adnan Syahril Saputra (FTE Student)

Widia Mulyati (FKB Student)

Ikhsan (FIK Student)

Arya (FIK Student)

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya said that Telkom University as a research-focused university and an entrepreneurial university wants to continue to provide benefits to the community and develop Indonesia.

“Currently, the research development that we (Tel-U) have been doing has received international recognition, as shown by the ongoing research matching grants with various universities from Asia and Europe, such as the Netherlands, France, Scotland, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. ”

The Rector of Telkom University also continues to encourage researchers at Tel-U to continue to innovate and continue to collaborate in research both between scientific fields as well as with industry and the government.

“Research at Tel-U is not only focused on publications but must lead to innovation, and continue to collaborate to produce new ideas. Currently, various innovations have been produced to stop this pandemic, hopefully in the future innovations will emerge from our people,” he said. (***)

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