22 May 2017

Dozens of Lecturers Attended the E-Learning Content Workshop

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University through the Learning Development Section (BPP) organized a workshop to improve the quality of e-learning content followed by dozens of Telkom University lecturers at Building B Graha Cacuk Sudarjanto on Monday (22/5).

The event with the headline “E-Learning Grants Content Creation Workshop” will be divided into 3 sessions, the first one will be the presentation of Muhammad Azani Hasibuan, S.Kom., MTI with effective instructional video material, then in the second session with scripting material for video Learning by Andreas Rio Adriyanto, SW, M.Eng with Ilhamsyah, S.Sn., M.Ds and still with the same speaker with the second session, the third session of material to be discussed about the management of e-learning content creation project.

Manager of BPP Dr Majidah explained that the purpose of this workshop is to improve the quality of Telkom University’s e-learning contest, in addition to the preparation of materials (spada and ocw), and then encourage learning implentation through blended learning, and for webometric improvement.

“E-learning grants since 2014-2017 have decreased in 2015, but slowly until now has increased again, hopefully with this increase raises awareness of colleagues lecturers to increase in the making of learning content”she said.

Telkom University’s Telkom University Postgraduate and Advanced Learning Director, Dade Nurjanah, in his speech hopes that from this activity the quality of Telkom University lecturers can continue to increase especially in the utilization of e-learning.

“We hope this program can continue to run, so that through this program can improve the quality of learning at Telkom University” she said.

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