02 Aug 2016

Dozens of students and lecturers from Four Countries Attended the ESL Program

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Dozens of students and lecturers from Four Countries assembled in Alam Endah Village, District Rancabali Ciwidey, Bandung regency. They will perform community service to local residents as well research and create tools which can help people improve productivity.

According to Angga Rusdinar PhD, the students came from three countries in Asia and one country in Africa. Besides Telkom University (Tel-U), Polytechnic of Surabaya (PENS), and the Polytechnic of Bali in Indonesia, they are from the universities in Malaysia namely University of Technology Malaysia, one from Morocco, and 12 universities from South Korea.

“We joined the program called Engineering Service Learning (ESL) initiated by Pusan ??National University of South Korea six years ago, but Tel-U recently joined the program the last three years, and now become the host,” he said after the opening of this event in Ciwidey, Tuesday (2/8).

Followed by 99 participants consisting of 63 students and 36 lecturers, Angga said, this program was a combination of Tridarma University namely Teaching, Research and Community Service. Took place from 2 until 13 August, 2016, this program carried out in two places in Ciwidey and on the campus of Tel-U in Bandung Technoplex area, Terusan Buah Batu.

“Students will be divided into ten groups, each of group will drop to citizen house and do some research to find out what problems faced by citizen on this village. After that they will create, design and build tools which deal with the issue, and then applying it to the villagers, “he said.

Anga added, Tel-U students who attended this program greatly benefit especially for the development of their research in the future. Some students, he said, get a final assignment idea from ESL program. “In fact there are two people who later continue the master program to Korea,” he said.

The same things was recognized by Bagus Widyatara, lecturers from the Polytechnic of Bali and Mahyuddin Arsat, a lecturer from the University of Technology Malaysia. “From the ESL program 2014 which held in Bali, some students are inspired to continue developing appropriate technologies that could help the sculptor there,” he said.

From dozens of these students, there are 12 students from Tel U from School of Electrical Engineering and one from School of Industrial Engineering. They were selected from Engineering Service Community programs (international student society should devotion version Tel U) last year.

“This program could improve the close relationship between participants from different cultures. We hope that upcoming year will be more and more students and universities are joining on this program, “said Prof. Seo, from Pusan ??National University. (Purel / raf)

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