30 Jun 2016

Employees of TF Follow the Explanation of Health Facilities

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Dozens of employees of Telkom Foundation (TF) especially who has been working in Telkom University (Tel-U) attended the socialization of health facilities provided by PT. Telkomedika. The event was held in the Hall 4th floor of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, on Tuesday (28/6).

By attended this event, employees was expected to understand the mechanisms in obtaining health facilities in clinics or hospitals who works with Telkomedika. “So, YPT employees can get health facilities according procedures,” said Assistant Data Processing Telkomedika, Feri Hadianto.

In this socialization, Ferry also noted the benefits that could be accepted if the treatment at a clinic or hospital that works with Telkomedika. The benefits was in the form of outpatient services, hospitalization, dental care, labor, and so on. “We have directed that they can perform the treatment in a clinic or hospital that has been works with us,” he said. (purel/ead)

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