17 May 2020

FAST Telkom Group Donates IDR 371 Million

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University Alumni Forum (FAST) of the Telkom Group donates Rp. 371 million in this blessed Ramadan. The donation was channeled to the Telkom University campus for the construction of the Syamsul Ulum campus mosque, a package for orphans and students, and SEMBAKO for communities around the Telkom University.

Chairperson of the Telkom Group’s FAST, Afriwandi said that Ramadan this year is a little different compared to previous years. Wisdom of the holy month of Ramadan teaches us to feel people’s difficulties situation. In the month of forgiveness, it is also advisable to give alms, especially when a pandemic affects many people.

“On this occasion, the donation was distributed as many as 540 aid packages valued at Rp.135 million to orphans, 640 food packages worth Rp96 million for janitors, security drivers, and communities around the campus, and Rp140 million donation for the construction of the Syamsul Ulum mosque. The total donation is IDR 371 million, “explained Wandi in the FAST Ramadan Sharing edition # 24, Sunday (05/17/2020).

He continued, Telkom University alumni contribute to the campus and jointly develop Indonesia. He also hopes that this contribution will provide optimal results as a manifestation of the tri dharma of higher education which is community service.

“Thank you to Tel-U for helping us create this activity successfully. Thank you to the alumni who participated in and attended this activity. Hopefully, this agenda can continue, be recorded as a good deed, and become an open door to heaven, “he hoped.

On the same occasion, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the FAST  Telkom Group, Edi Witjara, expressed his gratitude, especially the donation.

Telkom’s Director of Human Capital Management invited Telkom University alumni to be solid so that their career and fortune would increase and grow.

Meanwhile, Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya said that it was a blessing for him because he had outstanding alumni with high concern to society. One of the concerns is proven by giving away some of his assets.

“Hopefully, you will get the best return, age blessing, treasure blessing, a family blessing. Hopefully, the blessing will not only be for Tel-U but other beneficiaries also for the nation, “he said.

According to him, the practice is not only seen from what is done but also when it is consistently done. This activity is the third time done by FASTTelkom Group. So far the construction of the Syamsul Ulum mosque has not yet begun but the intention is always there. The help we receive will be a stimulus.

“It is truly extraordinary, assistance like this always reminds us to contribute to realizing the construction of the mosque. Now that more than Rp1 billion has been collected, God willing continues to grow. Hopefully, the donation will be an additional scale of goodness in the afterlife. Thank you, we hope that the relationship will continue, ”he said.

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