10 Oct 2016

FEB Welcomed the visitation from D3 FE UNPAD

BANDUNG, TEL-U – School of Economics and Business Telkom University (FEB Tel-U) was visited by a group from the Faculty of Economics UNPAD D3 Program. The delegation of D3 FE UNPAD welcomed by the management FEB Tel-U, Dean of FEB Dodie Tricahyono, Ph.D, Head of MBTI program Dr. Fetty Poerwita Sary, Secretary of MBTI program Elvira Aziz, Head of Accounting and Marketing D3 program Deannes Isynuwardhana Kaprodi Ganjar M Disastra.

They are welcomed in the meeting room 2 FEB Dean Lt Manterawu Building Tel-U, on Wednesday (October 5, 2016), FE UNPAD D3 Program Coordinator Dr. Endang Taufiqurahman conveyed the purpose of the visit. They want to exchange feedback and information with FEB Tel-U on the management of existing study programs at each university.

“We wish we could give each other feedback on the management study programs, to increase the quality of education,” said Dr.Endang.

During the meeting discussed a few things about the organizational structure, funding management, curriculum, the final task system, certification and engagement with stakeholders.

Besides Dr. Endang Taufiqurahman, was also present D3 FEB UNPAD; Dr Sutisna, Dr Rita K, Dika Jatmika, and Sri Djatmika (purel / tys)

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