20 May 2015

Feels Easy with Technology

BANDUNG, TEL-U – ICT Communication Studies Club Tel-U invited students of Tel-U to improve the knowledge of current technological developments. This invitation delivered in event entitled “Everything is Easy with Technology,” which was held in the 4th floor Auditorium of Kawalusu Building Faculty of Communication and Business (FKB), Thursday (30/4).

This event presented three speakers that is the Technical Support Qwords.com Ari Putra, PR & Promotion infoBDG Tama Randy, and CEO of RDPL Robi Dzikiri. All speakers discuss the easiness to use digital technology in this modern era.

Ari Putra justified how to use a system called Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a system in the Internet network which has function to run a program or application through computers which is connected to the internet. “This system allows us to access data online, without being bound to a place and time”, he said.

Technological developments can also be felt in terms of dissemination of information. According to Randy Tama, one of the cutting edge technology is social media. Information on social media can be quickly and easily delivered exceeds the information of the conventional mass media. “Therefore the impact of the information in the social media will be much bigger,” he said.

While Dzikiri Robi said, opening a business can be easier with the development of the digital world. The effort can be executed without being tied place and time. “The advantage is we can start a business faster and marketing also become much wider,” he said. (Purel / EAD)

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