08 Dec 2016

FIK Student Crowned as 1 Winner at Markon BDG Doodle Competition

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Students from School of Creative Industry (FIK) Tel-U who join the Piko Team won 1st place in Markon BDG Doodle Competition. They are Khusnaini Aghniya (Visual Communication Design 2013) and Yessi Nur Muliana (Visual Communication Design 2014). The competition was organized by Markon Paint and Bodypack.

According to Yessi, this competition was divided into two stages with the theme “Passionately in Work”. The first stage, participants draw a doodle freely use any media. Doodle is then uploaded to Instagram to get the most “like” post. “The “like” that are obtained are accumulated, and the 10 teams with getting the most “like” proceeded to the next stage,” said Yessi.

At this stage, Team Piko doodle with a sub-theme of “Pirates”. The Doodle raised about the lives of pirates who live together on a ship. The doddle saw the mutual cooperation activities as well as the abundant treasures. From this doodle, Piko team made it into the 10 teams with the highest number of like on Instagram.

The second stage was held on the spot in the Car Free Day Dago, Sunday (27/11). At this stage, participants are required to draw doodles on a plywood media board measuring 2.4×2.4m that has been coated by one of the products of MarkOn Paint.

At this stage, Piko Team doodled with a sub-theme of “Chef”. Doodle depicts a chef holding a pot containing some dishes he had ever cooked. Added also ornaments kitchen fittings therein to add the impression of a chef. From this doodle, Piko Team won 1st Place in Markon BDG Doodle Competition.

Aghniya said, the doodle created by Piko Team made as simple as possible to be easily understood by people. By doing so, Piko Team easier to express what will be drawn in the media. “Because the doodle art is not like the art in general which requires people to have a detail’s look to guess the meaning,” said Aghniya. (PR / EAD)

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