03 May 2016

FIK Student Crowned as 2 at Islamic Short Film Contest

BANDUNG, TEL-U – A Film by students of Creative Industries Telkom University (FIK Tel-U) successfully crowned as the winner at Islamic Short Film Contest. Entitled with “Love”, this competition included in the Islamic Festival 2016 organized by DKM Ulul Albab Pasundan University Bandung.

 Post It Reminder film made by Al-Fath team FIK won 2nd place in the competition which culminating on Sunday (17/4). The team consisted of Fakhriza Ahmad (DKV 2014), Zulfi Azhari (DKV 2015), Lufna Arjuni (DKV 2013), Ari Riadi (DKV 2013), Muhammad Farhan (DKV 2013), Laila Ramadhani Ritonga (DKV 2015), Rezky Pratama (DKV 2015), Feny Fauzha (Interior Design 2015), and Ihsan Almarus (Product Design 2015). This team was established by LDF Al-Fath Telkom University.

Fakhriza explained, Post It Reminder told about friendship of two students named Ihsan and Egi. Ihsan, played by Ihsan Almarus, a pious student. Instead, Egi played by Rezky Pratama as a naughty character. Told, Ihsan often invited Egi to worship. However, Egi often rejected. Even sometimes, the refusal was accompanied by harsh words.

Even so, Ihsan continue to invite Egi to worship by writing the invitation on post-it or sticky note. Ihsan wrote assorted verses and hadis on the post it and attached it to each corner of the room. Those sticky small papers becomes a medium for Ihsan to always remind Egi.

“The highlight of the story started when Egi’s parents died. He feels sorry for not being a good boy and not in accordance with his parents’ expectation,” said Fakhriza. That’s an illumination. Egi started to change and begin to heed the invitation of Ihsan.

Zulfi said, the film was inspired by students’ daily life in Telkom University dormitory. “Many students in the dorm was rarely worship and also often reject the invitation to pray, and some even refused by throwing harsh words,” ujurnya.

Zufli hope that this film become a trigger for next movie project. “We hope that we can continue to make films which can deliver a good and positive Islamic message.” he said. (Purel / EAD)

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