30 Nov 2015

FIT Tel-U Organized Traning Entitled “Optimizing Mobile Device-Based Assessment” for Teacher in SMPN

BANDUNG, TEL-U – D3 Study Program Informatics Engineering Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT) Telkom University (Tel-U) held Proofreading Training Exam Results-Based Mobile Devices in order Optimization Assessment Process. This community service activities took place in SMPN 2 Dayeuhkolot Regency Bandung, Monday (12/10).

“This training is one of the community service activities organized by PPM Tel-U,” said FIT Lecturer, Mahmud Dwi Sulistyo ST., MT. Besides Mahmud, another faculty team involved on this training, there are Indra Azimi ST., MT, Bambang Pudjo Atmodjo, ST., MT, and Fat’hah Noor Prawita ST., MT.

He added that the training was intended for teachers in SMPN 2 Dayeuhkolot. According to him, the teachers needed to optimize student assessment process in order to make it more quickly and accurately. Therefore D3 study program of Informatics Engineering Tel-U organized the training program so that teachers can maximize the use of mobile device technology for correcting the exam results of students.

On that occasion, the team of Tel-U delivered material about how to use ZipGrade application and get quickly and accurately corrected. This application allows teachers to correct by way of capturing students’answer sheets with mobile devices based on Android. ZipGrade application can be downloaded at Google Play Store. This application can connect to Mocrosoft Excel and make it easier for teachers in making students’ report.

“This community service activities focus targeted for utilization of technology for people, especially in the field of education. Many technologies are available that can be utilized by people, but people do not necessarily understand how to use it. We hope to be able to assist teachers in their daily duties, “said Mahmud.
Similar Mahmud, Deputy Headmaster of SMPN Student field Dayeuhkolot Drs. Teddy Rahayu, M.Pd said,

“The training is very beneficial use of ICT for teachers. Our daily work has been touched IT. We have insight into IT but not to the use of IT, more specifically, “. Teddy hoped, training optimization of Assessment-Based Mobile Devices provides insight to support the daily tasks of a teacher at SMPN 2 Dayeuhkolot Bandung regency. – Purel / risca

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